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We strive to understand the entirety of the project, from underground plumbing to finishes and details. We examine all information we receive, ask questions, visit the site, talk to the architect and Owner about their intents to assure we capture every detail. We do this to provide a fully inclusive construction quote, minimizing the need for change orders and allowing us to build on an aggressive construction schedule. Saving time also saves you money, and we are typically able to shave one to two weeks off the average construction timeline. 


PROCORE is our cloud-based enterprise construction management soft-ware and contains all project information that can be accessed anytime, anwhere by everyone. Every Owner, Architect, Engineer, Contractor, Subcontractor and Vendor has the most up-to-date information and details. PROCORE features include smart drawing management tools, linking RFI's to digital plans, personnel management, project directory, contract management, schedules, budgets and more.


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We aren't just your GC, we're a part of your team. We work closely with new and expanding brands to help develop a successful concept that can be easily replicated in other markets. We bring a team of vendors, designers, and consultants to the table that understand the work of prototype design. We work with the team to help develop budgets, identify cost saving measures, and assist in developing construction details for new ideas.


We assist clients in selecting the best possible space for their concept. We examine your utility needs, including electrical, domestic water, sewer and HVAC service. Laying a foundation that works with your concept rather than against it will create a more efficient and economical project. These efforts save you time and money and get your doors open sooner to start serving customers. 


We help figure out if a space is suitable for your concept before you sign a lease. We liaise with landlords and property management throughout the bidding and construction process to assure a seamless build. This helps defray additional costs and keep your project on schedule. We provide assistance in negotiating tenant improvement costs.


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It is extremely important that everyone is on the same page about the project prior to starting construction to minimize delays and costly changes down the road. We work closely with all our clients, whether they are owners, developers, or franchisees, to help bring their vision to life. We collaborate with all team members and work with them to understand their budget and schedule, and build trust and confidence in our ability to understand every aspect of your project. We assure that every key stakeholder has a clear and unified vision for your concept. 


Peer reviews are a key step in the pre-construction process. We always offer to review any drawings, specifications, and scope of work for your project prior to bidding and permitting and identify any site specific challenges. Our knowledge and construction expertise helps clarify big picture items as well as small details to make the permitting and bidding process go as smoothly as possible.


We work with local subcontractors for every project to achieve the best possible construction price. We have built relationships with tradesmen throughout the East Coast who understand our quality and schedule expectations. We are always looking to create new relationships, and bid out every project to make sure we are receiving competitive pricing from each trade.


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With our intensive and thorough understanding of your concept during the pre-build phase, we work to consider all costs and use this information to propose a competitive and economical bid for your concept. Construction is expensive to halt and even more expensive to start again. Our aggressive bidding and scheduling processes work to keep all aspects of your concept on schedule and on budget to avoid any unnecessary delays for opening your doors.


All of our pre-construction planning and efforts translate into a day-by-day manpower schedule to make sure we build your brand concept faster and better than anyone else. Our site supervisors oversee all work, ensuring schedule deadlines are met and quality of work is upheld. We work with local subcontractors who know local officials and code requirements. Our project managers oversee all contracts, material ordering, purchasing and coordination to make sure all materials and shipments arrive before they are needed. 


While construction of your concept is completed, there may be some minor  adjustments or tweaks after a few weeks in operation. Our contract upholds a one year warranty for all projects, and all of our subcontractors are required to maintain project insurance for one year. We also make detailed notes of any operational or plan changes to utilize them in projects going forward, making sure future construction plans reflect the best way to operate your restaurant now and in the future.

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